News: Squeaks when I

Squeaks when I

Squeaks when I

 So you get Spike Jonze or anyone really from the cast to dress up as a woman (maybe Ehren McGhehey cause sometimes he acts like a little girl) Get them to go to a store, walk slowly to the return desk while having squeaking noises following them . have them place a box of open tampons on the desk and tell the cashier  the tampons squeak when they walk , how am i to pick up when my Vagina is making noises . Have the cast member walk back and fourth see did you hear that, that's my vagina because of the the very end after all the jokes are done and the cashier has returned the tampons, place a bag of underwear on the counter and tell them that the tampons also leaked so you want to return the underwear too.


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Can people see this, when i loaded it i had some problems


so funny!!!!!

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