News: Stalking Pizza Delivery Boy part 1

Stalking Pizza Delivery Boy part 1

Stalking Pizza Delivery Boy part 1

Ok, this is part 1 of two ideas with stalking a pizza delivery boy or girl. Also, part 1 is actually a true story. What you do is order a pizza and wait in your car for the guy to deliver your pizza. When he gets there just wait in your car and watch him. Once he gives up trying to get you to answer your door and he starts moving towards his next house you just keep following him where ever he goes. When ever he stops, pull up right behind him and flash your brights a couple times. This will get him to notice you and wonder what the fuck is going on. The idea is pretty much just stalking the pizza delivery boy until he gets back to work. I've done it before and it freaks them out haha. Hey, my friend and I are over 21, so thats even more of a reason to pick one of our pranks. Pick us and you have no idea what you're in for ha. We can come up with a detailed prank in 10 minutes. This is just a true story from when we were bored.

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