News: Sulfur Hexaflouride Voice Wakeup

Sulfur Hexaflouride Voice Wakeup

Sulfur Hexaflouride Voice Wakeup

Step 1 Go to someones house while they are asleep and kill the house' s power.

Step 2 Dress in realistic werewolf  costume.

Step 3 Acquire 30 ounce tank of sulfur hexa flouride and  conceal it in costume.

Step 4 Attach  an outlet tube from tank leading into werewolf's mouth

Step 5 Breathe in the dense gas and your voice is rendered semi demonic.

Step 6 Stand in bedroom corner and whisper sleeper's name until conscious.

Step 7 They will wake up to the most sinister voice they've ever heard.

Step 8 Film reaction of this individual and others after inhaling SHF gas.

Step 9 Mythbusters introduced the gas to the world. I simply gave it a purpose.

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