News: Super Mega Slip N' Slide!

Super Mega Slip N' Slide!

Super Mega Slip N' Slide!

So, you guys have had great fun on a slip and slide before, and since you have gone large with the Poo Cocktail Supreme, how about SUPER MEGA SLIP N' SLIDE!!

The Idea is simple, Mega ramp, covered in plastic sheet, all oiled up.

What could possibly go wrong?

then invite everybody, bring everything from lielows, to black rubber rings.

I mean if Travis Pastrana can backflip one of these ramps on a Kids Trike ;)

Im sure Bam can get across it on an inflatable duck.

I recon it would be a good idea to put something on the sides for obvious reasons, that and a safety net in the gap.

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would be great, you could film all day and edit the best takes.

How is this a prank?

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