News: Tacks in the f'n shoes!

Tacks in the f'n shoes!

Tacks in the f'n shoes!

OK fellas; this may seem simple on the surface but it is anything but.....I'm from the school of thought that believes that all pranks should be mildly sadistic!

Many years ago while serving in the Navy; I used to put a handfull of tacks in peoples flight-deck boots.  Nothing was funnier than watching those jack ass squids ramming their respective feet into those boots in the morning and have them think that they were just bitten by a gaggle of god damned scorpions!!!

So there you have it - simple, yet effective and funny as hell.  I would laugh my ass off if I saw someone do that to Preston.  If I win this contest or not, I hope you guys run with this gag.

Cant wait for JA3D!

-Brandon Stevens


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