News: "Tacksketball"



I recently thought about playing the game of basketball but with a twist. The game is called "Tacksketball." Of course, this is an idea that I can only see #TeamJackass handling. Basically, you need to place tacks on specific areas of the area/basketball court. If their was a way to keep these tacks positioned that would be even better. However, the catch is tacks will also be placed on the basketball, so beware of passes from your team-mates. This game must be played barefoot, as salt will be placed all over the court, I mean afterall the Jackass squad has a high tolerance for pain, so we have to step things up a notch. So when an injury occurs on one's barefoot, the salt will continue to irritate the wound throughout the game. Goggles would be the only piece of safety equipment needed in this activity, as for everything else- man up! Please reply back with any feedback, even if it is bad. - Christopher M.

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