News: Teddy Tantrum

Teddy Tantrum

Step 1

 get two teddy bear costumes one for preston and one for wee man

Step 2

you stand then in a bust street or place and make them stand still

Step 3

make preston do one of those things where you drop a coing into a hat and the come to  life

Step 4

after 3 or trys get wee man to do th same thing.

Step 5

after a few minuets send in a small group of trorests to start admirering them

Step 6

but they only intrestid wee man and give loads of money

Step 7

after a while preston is getting angry and dicides to have a fight with wee man

after a minute of scraping slowly move towards where they startd

Step 8

at the end preston is lying on his back and wee man has his foot on his chest

then they dont move and go back to not moving again and it all looks like a show

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