News: Thumbtack troubles!

Thumbtack troubles!

Thumbtack troubles!

well I don't know how funny you think it is but I found it hilarious!  I had a friend staying with me and he had his own bedroom, well for some reason he put a rug outside the door to his room. We were always playing tricks on each other so one day I picked up his rug and stuck flat sided thumb tacks up through the rug and then put it back down, ( about 20 in all). That was a funny site seeing him trying to get up off of that rug with it stuck in his feet! We always pranked each other and we never got mad at each other ( just even!) My friend passed away a little less than a year ago( car accident) and I really miss him, even if I don't win he contest, it sure would kinda pay him tribute just to see this prank used! thanks Josh   ( R.I.P. Brandon ( DEENO) )

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