News: Tourettes Bus

Tourettes Bus

just arrive at a store or public place in a school or tour bus that has the sign on the sides: "ASSociation of People with Tourettes Syndrome (A.P.T.S)" and have Johnny Knoxville as the Suit and Tie Designated Chaperone. As they arrive in the parking lot  to the area you wanna prank, have everyone shouting obsenities and making noises in the bus, but first, after you unload, Johnny Knoxville picks up a megaphone and tells everyone to calm down, watch they're temper, and control yourself.

Aand after Johnny Knoxville says all that stuff, everybody goes nuts, but to make it look real, while johnny is doing the megaphone thing, just let a few people say a few obsenities and blurt out a few noises, but you all have to be in disguise, i'm sure you know that!

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