News: Travis Barker Kick Drum Warm Up

Travis Barker Kick Drum Warm Up

Travis Barker Kick Drum Warm Up

this is what genius would look like!!!!!


do not over look this!!! you wont regret picking this as you stunt!!

Step 1 travis barker!

get a hold of travis barker and ask him to do this stunt!!! having him in the movie will bring an even bigger audience to see the move!! not that you need that but it would be awsome!!!

Step 2 the set up

have travis bring over a drum set and warm up while you guys look at the power and swiftness of his playing!!

Step 3 take out the kick!! you dont need it!!

that right have travis take out the kick drum (bass drum) and have one of the members lay where the kick drum was!! IT DOSENT MATTER WHO GOES FIRST EVERY ONE GOES eventually!!   

Step 4 time to play

with a cast member sitting there have travis use one of there body parts as the kick drum!! obvisly the nuts would be the funniest!! but the arm the back the head if crazzy enough any where you get hit will be good cause you know travis can pack a powerfull kick to his playing!!!

Step 5 like i said

everyone is going so if you pick this ill help you guys get real creative with this!!!!!

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