News: Vomit Go Round

Vomit Go Round

Vomit Go Round

In this prank, the Jackass Crew will be tricked inot drinking a bit of ipecac (or willfully take it if knowing)  before getting on a ride that will go up and down in a circular motion.  While in the ride, the Crew will be shooting nerf guns (or any projectile in intrest) at people who are their targets, and thats when the magic begins.

  1. Trick Crew into drinking ipecac (important)
  2. Get Crew into the ride before the vomit comes out (in costumes if wanting)
  3. Watch the Vomit FLY AWAY!! 


If the Crew knows what the prank is, do the same thing, except, make it a contest on who can get the most vomit in thei jar on the ground.

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