News: Watch Johnny Knoxville & Jimmy Fallon Play Operation For Real

Watch Johnny Knoxville & Jimmy Fallon Play Operation For Real

If you missed the Late Night With Jimmy Fallon episode last night, no worries! We've got it covered. This life-size Operation Board is amazing to behold, and be sure to watch Johnny Knoxville go for the "bread basket". We've always wondered what that was referring to. Turns out it's a slang term for the stomach, and it'll net you 1000 points!

Tell us how you thought this Operation in Real Life turned out!

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i mean its funny and i like it,
but i thought we were suppose to be crazy with our stunts, like not saying its not crazy but i dont think its crazy enough for the new movie.....3/10

i love that you pickd to do it on with jimmy fallon, awesome!!! thought it was funny, but once again grrrrr!!!!! :) i will always love you jackass!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxo (pssssst not a prank)

Its better than i thought it would be but a ton of other ideas beat it.

i have been watching and following jackass since the beginning and to be completely honest that had to be one of the most disappointing bits that i have ever seen them do. all that hype for the contest and this was the result. there is no way the jackass crew actually picked this.

It made me smile a couple times, but it didnt make me laugh at all. There were many many better pranks than this. #$%@, this isnt even a prank.

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