News: What a Dirty Old Man!

What a Dirty Old Man!

What a Dirty Old Man!

Johnny is Irvin Zisman for this one, so let's call him Irvin ;) there will be Spike Jonze too, but he will be dressed as "Gloria", the old lady. They are husband and wife in this one.

Irvin goes inside a toilet, in a restaurant or something like that, with Gloria. Irvin, after 15 seconds, begins to pant, making vocal sounds like when having sex, and he goes on doing this for a minute or less, and then he stops after a "AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!". Gloria and Irvin get out of the toilet : Gloria is cleaning up the sides of her mouth with the hands, Irvin has big spots of mayonnaise on his pants (it should look like sperm) and he just moves around in the restaurant causing the disgust of the people around'em because of the spots on his pants. While they're going out the toilet Irvin says things like "Oh, nice job, baby!"

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