News: What I would do with the crew

What I would do with the crew

What I would do with the crew

So I have Followed since the first CKY, I love the work you guys have created over these many years, I have wanted to meet and kick it with the crew and just have a good time and here is my opportunity. 

So I wouldn't call it a prank but I have a couple good stunt ideas for the crew and I would love to participate also. 

#1. I have always wanted to jump like a ford pinto with its roof chopped off like a 80ft bridge "with water under it"  and bail out in mid air and see what happens, its been a plan of mine to try I just can barely afford insurance let alone another car.

#2. blobbing to the next level, there has to be a way to make someone catch over 100ft of air on one of those things. Or go blobbing in the snow something along those lines.

#3. Lets get a car and put a for sale sign on it and leave wee man in it when sold and lets see if someone crashes when he pops out of a suprise compartment under the back seats. 

I have many ideas and would do all of them with the crew it don't matter to me im down to break some bones and have some fun. This video link for youtube is someone stuff I did, not because of influence of jackass at ALL but because I enjoy it, So please watch if you wish if not I do beleive that me and the crew could have some fun. Also in the video is all northern california with no tresppasing or anything against the law. All clips are of myself and I do realize you said no video submissions but these clips were all filmed way before this contest. So please check it out

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