WHEEL OF HUMILITY!!!! BY: Chris Turner

Step 1  

Each person of the Jackass crew (excluding me) will pick a straw; the person with the shortest straw does not have to do the stunt

Step 2  

Each member of the Jackass crew including me (if I win) including the person that does no have to do the stunt to think of what stunt/ prank we will do to the participating victims in a soundproof room with no windows to surprise the crew (but there will be a small camera inside the room so the moviegoer knows that the member of the crew is casting their idea) each person will be puting their ideas in a non see-through box, the guest cameo, me or the person that does not have to do the stunt will go backstage and pull out the stunts from the box as member of the staff will look at the pranks/ stunts and prepare the wheel, they put the names of the stunts/ pranks on the wheel and then covering up the wheelso nobody can know what stunts/ pranks are on there (kind of like Deal or No Deal ), the participants will be blindfolded as some people from the staff or hot models will lead them to their positions.

Step 3  

And the thing is what they don't know is... that it is filmed all in front of a live audience (but I guess if you guys read this you already know but not the location)

Step 4  

Each victim will be standing next to a model or guide

Step 5  

The model or guide will guide the victims to the wheel

Step 6  

Each victim will spin the wheel

Step 7  

After the wheel is done spinning, the victim will take off their blindfold after they see the stunt/ prank they have to do

Step 8  

Now the victim will do the prank, after each victim does their humiliating prank/ stunt each victim has to put their blindfold back on in case of a second turn or more.

Step 9  

After everyone has gone the victims will take a vote amd see who will take the last pranks/ stunts

Step 10  

In the Game of Wheel of Humility NOBODY WINS!!!!

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