News: wrap your brains around this one.

wrap your brains around this one.

wrap your brains around this one.

alright so my dumb friends and I were sitting just bullshitting and came up with an idea for a gnar prank. if ya got balls though, this shit might get your ass killed. we want you guys to skydive down and land in a state correctional facilities' outdoor recreational area, and upon landing tell the people that you missed your target and then see what happens.or just make up something crazy to say like. HEY! am I in Mexico did I make it?anyway let me know what you think if ya got time. peace out and god bless.

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Funny. But that might get their ass beat. If you made arrangements with the prison first though (without the inmates knowledge of course) then you could pull it off.

You could use skyhook to get'em outta there if things get out of hand

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