Your Poo Flood Begins: A Contest Update

A Contest Update

Well, five days into the contest and our submissions box is flooded with poo.

You guys are 1) amazing & 2) chronically scatological. Poo fights, poo-filled balloons, poo-powered rockets, poo-slicked slides, poo-spiked drinks…you get the idea.  

If you don't believe us, check it out here on the Submissions Corkboard

Some points of clarification on the Contest:

1. No submission limit. Send in a billion ideas. Just make them original.
2. Poo-free pranks are accepted. Poo is not a required ingredient for your prank to win.
3. Contest end September 26th but we're reading your submissions now, so send them in now!

Submit your pranks here.

And in case you missed it, as special shout out from Knoxville himself:

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I wish I could come up with a good prank. It would make my life happy to meet Knoxville and the crew!

Meh, I'd be happier if it came soley from my own demented brain-muscle. But thank you though.

i have submitted a few, hope they make someone giggle

Let's "Jump the Shark"! The only poo involved in that prank will be from the unsuspecting victim! We're gonna need a bigger diaper!

Who can be louder than the bikers here!?

Who can eat a whole pillow case, then pull if out of their mouth?

Ouch! I would not expect that to happen, ;P

If Ryan Dunn can #$%@ out a toy car, can he #$%@ out a rock?!

How about two jackass having their asses stabled together???

Okay not to make this too sexual, but how about a jackass who has to be hard the whole time and has to roll a gulf, or tennis ball, down the lane, with his dick?!

flow into a stream of lava on a motor boat??

Eek! I wouldn't even expect that!
Just throwing it out though.

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