Jackass 3D Contest News

News: Stormin the Beach

The Jackass cast are dressed in Revolutionary War outfits and are riding and paddling a large canoe towards a beach.All around the beach is the enemy waiting for them. When Johnny and the boys are near the shore; the enemy opens fire, with bottle rockets, roman candles, fire hoses and paintball guns. The Jackass guys are armed with BB guns.If the jackass boys are knocked over into the water, they have to buy the 'enemy' a big nice dinner. If the jackass boys reach and land on the beach, the e...

News: Biggest Waterballon

Fill up a balloon or some similar material with water. This should be no ordinary balloon but the biggest one, one could possibly make. Launch it down from a building or some huge height in the air on one of the jackass star's car when he is parking. Bam's would probably be the funniest. This is short and sweet, but would be very funny. The size of this should be very extreme.

News: The Million Dollar Circle-Jerk

The entire Jackass gang are place with their penisies in separate glory holes. And their hands are bound behind their backsAnimal breeding collecting equipment use to collect semen from male animals for artificial insemenation are attached to everyone genitals.The equipment is turned on. The first guy to blow his load wins a prize: a million dollars in Monopoly money!

News: Johnny's belated Debauchery Bachelor Party of Shame.

First off, congratulations to Jonny & Naomi to their marriage Friday. Great timing for Johnny to make an honest woman of the bride; 9 months AFTER your son's birth. HEE-HEE-HEE-HEE.Its safe to say that Johnny did not get a proper bachelor party before he tied the knot.So Johnny gets called to meet Jeff Trenmaine at his office or some other building. When Johnny arrives, he is surprised to find a 'bachelor party' has been set up by all of his friends. Every gay male stripper, every morbid obes...

News: Baby excapes firey building

This requires a baby costume skateboard ramp and a miniture house to set on fire. One or more of the Jackass crew dresses up as a baby skateboards or bikes down the ramp busting through the window through the house and out the front door into a kiddie pool full of hot sauce.

Jackass Mail // or: The Nine Stooges

This has nothing to do with the US postal service.There was a western made in 1942 called "Jackass Mail". Have the gang remake an X-rated version of the movie or redo some of the best 3 Stooges scenes, by using actual black and white film equpment from the early 1940's. Similiar to George Clooney's film "The Good German".Watching Johnny's stunts, Pontius's penis, Steve-O's vomiting, and the rest of the gang on old school black and white film?? Absolutely Pricesless.

News: Caught Brown Handed

Have some of the Jackass crew poop in a purse. Or use elephant poop....and fill the bottom of the purse. Cover the poop with makeup, tissues, personal items, etc. that you'd normally find in a purse. Then set in on a semi-busy sidewalk.(Making it a Coach purse would attract more attention I think.) When "curious" people walk by they'll probably check the purse for money, but instead they get a disgusting surprise!! After a few people have "gotten their hands dirty" you could have Spike Jones ...

News: Donkey kong

Okay so everyone remembers the classic video game donkey kong right? Well we basically do something along the lines of that. Have a larger person dressed up or painted to look like a gorilla standing at the top of a hill or path that is on a hill, and then have someone else running up the hill while the person dressed as a gorilla throws giant barrels down at them. As the barrels get to the person they have to try and jump over them while running up the hill.

News: Abnormal Behavior

Ok, so all you need is some paintball guns, some marshmallows, some fishing line and someone that is an unnaturally heavy sleeper. Since you guys got money, attach the paintball guns to individual stands aimed at the targets crotch or stomach. You take the fishing line, loop one end and that end gets attached to fingers,toes, wrists, ankles..etc. The other end of the string is attached to the gun(s) trigger via a simple pulley setup. The guns should not be able to be knocked over or moved off...


Ryan Dunn is place nude and handcuffed in a small chair or sitting on the floor of a small room. He is then completely covered in a large pile of meat and bone scraps.Next. one after another, various large wild cats are brought in (bobcats, lynx, tigers, lions, leopards and jagauars) for a meal using Dunn as their personal 'buffet' table.Finally when all is said & 'Dunn'; a prescription for a bottle of Xanax is written for Ryan for the obvious after effects of the personal closeup with the ki...

News: Speedo Paintball

The purpose of this stunt is to have the Jackass guys dress up in nothing but speedos and shoot each other with paintballs in an all out paintball battle. Then, Preston Lacy comes over in a tank-like vehicle that assaults all of the guys in speedos with a barrage of paintballs.

News: Ballz go round

We will need a small dark room. In the room have a ceiling fan rigged up with so that the blades are tilted downward and automatic paintball guns are tied to the blades. Rig the light switch so that it triggers the lights, the fan, and guns.

News: The ol' ex-lax trick

Set up a double date with one of your good friends and a couple ladies. Once you are ready you, tell your friend to come on over and have a drink before we go out just to loosen up and get out any possible nerves that could over take the night. Ask him what he wants in advance that way you know to get him his own bottle.

News: The Escapee (A Must Read)

Get a white van, maybe block out the windows except for the front, have two Jackass members driving the van, stop at a stop light or a stop sign in a busy residential area where there are lots of pedestrians and cars. then have a single person in the back of the van break out the back doors on the van in a straight jacket and run throughout the neighborhood, the two people driving get out and lead a chase. Go to a busy park with lots of people and ask around if they have seen a person wearing...

News: shopping traps

each member is to "do a shopping cart" off a ramp into a pit of set mouse traps. the member gets out of the pit and tallies the amount of mouse traps is caught on his body. the member with the most mouse traps caught on his body wins!

News: The "Pussy" Motel

Ryan Dunn is handcuffed naked to a small chair or sitting on the floor of a small room. Dunn is completely covered in catfood or some other delicious morsels of food stuffings.Brought into the room with Dunn are a couple hundred of domesticated housecats. The cats will eat & lick all over Dunn's body.While the cats are eating on Dunn, Johnny Knoxville sets off firecrackers one after another in the corner of the room, causing the cats to scramble in hysterical hysteria around the room. TOTAL F...

News: Crash the Party

Crashing a frat party would be the type of prank that the guys of Jackass could pull off, like no others. My idea would be taking a boring overdone prank and cranking it up a few notches, like a jackass prank on steriods. Fraternities at the University of Alabama are very serious about their parties. If you are not on the list then you have no chance of getting in. I am assuming that all school's greek systems are the same. That reason alone makes it a challenge. I am suggesting that they guy...

News: Rocket- Powered Hay Wagon of Death//The Hay Ride of Maybe Doom: R.I.P. JACKASS

A hay wagon with some hay bales on it is rigged with several of same type of rocket Johnny Knoxville rode in JA2. The entire cast is onboard the wagon when the rockets are ignited, sending the wagon flying down a grass field.A second option is everyone ride a haywagon that is pulled by one of 2 completely opposite vehicles: 1. A Chevy Geo Metro, or 2. A fully loaded NASCAR stock race car, possibly driven by a woman, pulling the haywagon all around a grass field.A third option would be to have...

News: The Nuthouse Electric Chairs

The entire Jackass gang are seated around a large conference table. They are seriously strapped down in the chairs and wires & electrodes are attached to all of them. In front of each them is are large unmarked push buttons. Each umarked button is linked to a certain Jackass member. When any button is pushed, some serious voltage is sent to a specific person. However the juice will be turned off, for most of the time, for a preceding event will be taking place will be well, SOME WEIRD STRANGE...

News: X-Treme BXM jump

The 2 slides on the right are 72 feet high. This is from Cultas Lake in Chilliwack BC Canada.http://www.cultus.com/My idea: Ride a BMX down these slides and build a ramp at the end. You need a cushioned landing pad because you will end up in the parking lot. You wanted crazy and extreme...you got it with this stunt.

News: FBI's Most Wanted

For this one you're gonna have to use some good makeup and stuff, but what you would do is make someone look like someone on the FBI's most wanted list and have them hanging outside the white house or outside a police station or something asking cops or agents for directions or something like that. Imagine what they would do if they thought you were that guy.Or, what about prank calling the FBI? Tell them you know where Usamah Bin Laden is, but you want the 25 million dollar reward first or s...

News: Steve-O likes coffee? Right

Steve-O always pukes, lets put this talent to our advantage. At starbucks they always have you chek to see if your coffee is the way you want it, Steve-O should take a sip throw up all over the counter, then drop to the floor and start shaking. People WILL have nightmares.

News: Special Shoping

Have England go to Wal Mart, to the toy department, and act like he is super special(mentally). He should wave his arms around randomly, moan, pick up and throw toys and then start cursing out employees, ending every profane phrase with "nice, nice man" think about it, would they throw out someone with a learning disability that was on camera.

News: Bad Crossdresser

So as we all know, everyone in Jackass likes to dress up like old men, and ITS FUNNY!! Also, we have all seen crossdressers that clearly are not women. So, lets have all the Jackass guys dress like really bad crossdressers (Im taling like beards and goatees with mini skirts) and walk around trying to hit on guys, it would be hilarious.

News: Bull in a China Shop

So we have all heard the expression like a bull in a china shop. Well after seeing Knoxville's infatuation wth bulls in Jackass 2 I thought hey, why not put a real bull in china shop.I see Knoxville running down a street screaming, wearing a red matador outfit, into a china shop followed by a bull, with Knoxville and the bull running into everything in the shop and breaking lots of stuff.

News: 3D Tattoo

Just for the 3D movie you guys should get one of the cast members to willingly get a tattoo on their back that they personally can't see without a mirror or anything, and tattoo a 3D penis or something else like that on their back and have them go the entire movie with the tattoo on them and if they don't figure out about it they will when they see the premier!Or just tattoo the wrong thing on them.