News: Winter ram-rods

Winter ram-rods

Winter ram-rods

There are three parts to this (maybe it qualifies as tree pranks) the first would be stand next to the road as a plow goes by pushing a big snow pile into you. You will be amazed at how much fun it is and how far you will fly- and yes my stupid ass has done this.

The second part is find a giant snow drift next to a building and use the roof as a diving board- jump in the drift just like a swimming pool- FUN! Yes my stupid ass has done this before too.

The last part is what I call drift-busting. Tie an innertube (we used to use tires because they are easier to stay on) to the back of a pickup. Have the driver fishtail you into a sizable drift and watch the mayhem unfold- and yes I've done this plenty of times as well. 

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