News: Low End Necklace

Low End Necklace

Low End Necklace

The Jackass crew are now jewelers. In this idea, you would have to get 8 jewels or stones or medallions, gumball size, and a very thick gaudy gold chain. The chain would be divided into 8 parts and cut. All at once, the Jackass guys would each swallow the jewel and their segment of the chain. In a day or so, or sooner with the help of laxatives, each guy would poop out the stone and the piece of the chain. As soon as all of the parts and pieces have been recovered from each guys poop, the chain would be reassembled and the jewels would be attached into what would be a lovely doo doo necklace that has been thru the digestive track of the entire Jackass crew. Then, some lucky person gets the honor of wearing this fine piece of jewelry. 

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