News: My Epic Sh*t Slide Wake Up

My Epic Sh*t Slide Wake Up

My Epic Sh*t Slide Wake Up

The prank begins with a 21 CANNON Salute wake up call! As the victim jolts up in bed the bed will raise up and the victim will fall onto a water slide flowing with raw sewage. As the victim slides down the slide, bumps on the slide with knock him in the balls. We'll have fire hoses set up along the sides to spray more RAW SEWAGE on the victim while other people will shoot rotten eggs and milk at the victim. To add effect we'll have flame throwers shooting flames up in the air next to the slide and fireworks on the side as well. As the victim gets off the slide we'll have shock pads hidden so when he gets off he gets shocked. To add final insult to injury he'll get a kick in the balls.

So that's it. That is my contest winning prank.

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