News: stinky massage/SPA!!!!!

stinky massage/SPA!!!!!

stinky massage/SPA!!!!!

OK here the plan take a friend to spa and get the works!!!!!!!!!!!!(BUT) HERE is the thing it ant no fill clean fill fine spa its the shity rub down!!!!get a pile of dog shit and water and mix it up and have a mud spa on top of that make sure u got a nose clamp on him if he ask y its becuz of the chemicals from the mud.So he wont smell the shit...make sure alot of people are there getin a spa also so they can smell the nasty smell....hahahha and when he washes off dont use water use human wash off with but make sure the clamp stays on becuz of the waater chemicals in it it has to be funny,,,, u got a fresh day at the spa ..............4 ur pretty lady me he ant getin layed




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