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Super Shot

Super Shot

This idea I have is called the Super Shot.

First, you can either do this in a bar type setting, or just build a makeshift bar of your own, whichever suits your needs, cause either shall work.

Second, gather as many of your favorite types of liquor, which can either be whiskey, tequilla, rum, or any type of liquor you may like.

Then, take a super soaker water gun and fill it full of either type of liquor you have on hand. Once that's done, prepare the gun in whichever type fashion said gun needs to be prepared in, in orders to fire said gun.

Once all this is said and done, have some poor, helpless sap approach the bar and order a shot. Once the shot is ordered, ask said patron to open their mouth wide and deliver said shot.

Hence the title, Super Shot.

Hope you guys like this one.



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