I'm a huge fan of jackass and nitro circus so I got this gnarly idea for the prank contest how about Knoxville is in the shower on first floor of hotel

On the second floor there is a huge vert ramp on the floor underneath where Knoxville is taking a shower and a slip and slide at the bottom of the ramp followed by a launch ramp aiming straight for the window you get the idea

Some sort of trap door under the shower base and is trigged when Knoxville turns the shower taps on  

Meanwhile outside there is a swimming pool with shit loads of plastic bath ducks and foam with the guy from end of jackass 1 in his boat with the rest of the jackass crew waiting with ether paintball guns or fire hose  

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thats almost like my idea, Slide surprise. did you post this when the contest was open?, this is pretty funny, i would love to see that :)   (o O) weee!!!!

you know, i just found out about this contest but i love the opening sequences for all the movies and i thought it would be funny to see the cast as my favorite characters they play all in line at an airport waiting in line to get on a plane

knoxville as the old man

wee man as an oompa loompa 

preston lacy waiting patiently in line behind a few others in his underwear trying to grab wee man who is completely oblivious to him

steveo streaking lol (clearly the first running through the line lol)

bam should have a kite flying from his ass

ehren can dress up in a stunt suit with a helmet so he can feel like nothing is going to happen to him again

pontious has to be bunny the lifeguard

dave should squirt mustard on dunn

the ensuing chaos should pretty much be a symphony of cop yells  and "excuse me sir, you have to come with me" situations. 

wanted to share even though the contest is over :)

what they should do is take bam while he is sleeping. cover him in cow shis then wake him up with fireworks

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