Forum Thread: Just Came Up With A Good Prank

Sort of got it from watching death at a funeral.  They should fake one of their deaths and make it real like have a car all smashed up and have their parents, for example, Bam's parents come view the car and stuff.  Then they should have the funeral the next day and have him in the coffin.  All of the Jackass crew would be in on it and they would attend too.  Or even better the Jackass crew would think he was actually dead along with Bam's family.  Then at the end Bam would jump out of the coffin.  Or while his mom is looking at him in the coffin he grabs her or something.  Even if it was closed and he just hit the wall they would all be like wtf.  Would be extremely cruel but freaking funny and epic.

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Even better, have them view the corpse in the morgue to confirm his identity (Bam in makeup), and suddenly it springs to life!

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