Forum Thread: whats the worst long term injury youve had?

i know whats his name from the crew broke his front too but those are easily covered up and fixed. ive had elbow surgury from getting too wild. ive had a broken nose, it was clearly broken.

what kinda injuries have you had?

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the jackass crew? ehren mcgehey(spllchK) lolz so mean how no one knows his name! lolz if thats who your talking about....lolz ;D

I used to work in a snowboard park and ride the kickers every day.

I once got hung up on a backside spin and slowly turned in the air, with my arms flailing wildly.  When I hit the icy landing, I had only turned 90 degrees, so my heelside hit the ice first and my body ragdolled after it.

In one fatal swoop, I broke both my ankles, sprained my neck, sprained my back, got a concussion, and severly bone bruised my tailbone.

I knew I was hurt, but tried to get up and ride down to the lodge.  No dice.  After a ride in the ski patrol sled, I caught a ride to the ER, where they gave me a wheelchair and told me I'd have to wait a few hours to see a doctor.

...thirty minutes later, they took the wheelchair away from me because I was learning how to do wheelies in it.  I was surprised to find out that wheelies are actually pretty easy in a wheelchair.

sedated wheelies, that sounds knarly.

how was the revocery dude? was physical therapy intense?

i broke my arm skateboarding down a bigass hill,

i blacked out and ended up in the hospital with my messed up arm and 2 sprained kness................................

pretty fun that was lol

Believe it or not, the breaks healed up in casts.  Two months later I got walking casts (the plastic/velcro strap ones) and a few weeks after that, I didn't have to wear anything.  My back and neck were stiff for a few months, but got better.  After I healed up, the only evidence of the crash was a slight popping when I move my left ankle in a circle, and some whiplash-type residual effects that cause some stiffness in my neck.  Luckily, no surgeries, no crazy therapy.  This happened back in '98 or so--I bet if it happened today they would want to operate.

in total i have been injured 28 months in my life so far and counting rightnow lol

This was at the Skatepark of Tampa back in the late 90's.

They had a simple adjustable rail going down a ramp, and I was just dickin' around and headed up for a simple backside bordslide. I was just doing them casually all day whenever I rode by cause it was set so low. Well I don't know what the hell happened but some how I managed to land on my leg on top of the rail. I hit the ground, threw-up and was taken home by some friends. Found out the next day that I broke my Tibia, Fibula and growth plate. I was out of the game for 8 months and it still hurts sometimes.

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