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News: The penis prank

Well i have this friend everyone is always saying he acts gay looks gay he really isnt but i think it is funny that everyone thinks he is so my idea was to buy a penis and when u put the penis in water it grows lol then am going to put it on his pillow by his mouth when he is sleeping im really doing this and then im going to take a pic with him laying there with the penis by his mouth i really did buy one and got it into water now waiting for it to get bigger so i can play it out it will be ...

News: Watch Johnny Knoxville & Jimmy Fallon Play Operation For Real

If you missed the Late Night With Jimmy Fallon episode last night, no worries! We've got it covered. This life-size Operation Board is amazing to behold, and be sure to watch Johnny Knoxville go for the "bread basket". We've always wondered what that was referring to. Turns out it's a slang term for the stomach, and it'll net you 1000 points! Tell us how you thought this Operation in Real Life turned out!

News: Bad Crossdresser

So as we all know, everyone in Jackass likes to dress up like old men, and ITS FUNNY!! Also, we have all seen crossdressers that clearly are not women. So, lets have all the Jackass guys dress like really bad crossdressers (Im taling like beards and goatees with mini skirts) and walk around trying to hit on guys, it would be hilarious.

News: Fuck-A-Thon

This prank is an all day type prank. basically your just going to fuck with the person all day. The day before you are going to fuck with that person set video camera up all over the house or hotel room.

News: poo poo tug of war

its like tug of war, except the team who falls in the huge pile of sh*t loses Bam Margera, Christian Moore (ME), Steve-O, Chris Pontius, Wee-Man, Ryan Dunn vs. Preston Lacy, Ehren McGhehey, Dave England, Johnny Knoxville, Rake Yohn, Rabb Himself

News: I hope this prank isnt going too far, but I have more.

Ok, so my friend Nathan and I play pranks a lot and a lot of them on his cousin Justin and we think Jackass might be able to help us pull the ultimate prank on him. He'll cry, piss, and shit his pants for sure if you help us do this. I hope this idea isnt going too far. This is a must read though. Read it all!Ok, so it will start off by us telling him that we have some movie part in California(he'll fall for that) and that they're flying us out there and they want him to come too. You guys wi...

News: Dirty Diaper Double Cross

For this prank you need one of those creepy realistic trainer babies, an mp3 player or phone that can play a baby crying on loop, a crowd (like at a park, mall, or bus stop), a diaper and a few snacks. You have one of the guys approach the crowded area looking disheveled and acting like an ass or a drunk. After he's in place you have a woman come in with the realistic baby, the baby crying noise playing on loop, and a diaper full of chocolate pudding cups, candy corn, peanuts (whatever looks ...


I have personally done this and its tons of fun so I thought I would share it with all you guys. Simply go to the thrift store or garage sale that has power wheels (kids grow out of them all the time) and then take out the battery and motor. Then set up a race going down a steep hill and race each other. Its ok the first time just normally but then add a even steeper hill and the rolls that gift raps come on and its a whole new level of fun.

News: The Fight

Here's our prank. Start off by getting a shit car, you know what im talking of those shit cars you get from a junk yard. have one of you take it and park it outside of a public place where a ton of people are everyday.(cafe, coffee shop, etc.) Then have Bam act super pissed off, run up to the car and just start wailing on it with some sort of bar or bat or something. smash the windshield, break all the windows, just break everything. then the one who parked the car, whoever it hap...

News: Public Bathroom Fiasco

Any random public bathroom in anytown USA. Release bugs or mice or any other critter, real or fake, and see what happens as people are using the john or urinal when the critter (s) runs past their feet! No one should really get hurt with this prank other than maybe making a massive mess or a random heart attack Idont have a picture of this actually happening so I present you my doggie. He says "WUZ UP"

News: Jackass Versus The "Volcano"

The Jackass cast are placed in a large plexiglass container. Nudity is optional. They are then filled-up in baking soda to their chest. Then a Big Dump Truck or Tanker truck or at least a whole bunch of dudes with open drum barrels filled with white vinegar are dumped into the baking soda filled big-box. A huge volatile mixture fizz takes place. In the end. it will look like a gigantic ejaculation has taken place!!

News: The Semen Salon

In a follow-up to Terror Taxi, Ehren would be singled out to perform some kind of "stunt" or "prank" . . . which everyone is in on except for him. They get him setup in wardrobe and makeup and when it is time to do his hair, the stylist pulls out a bottle of hair gel. ONLY THIS IS NOT HAIR GEL, it is a bottle of all the guys semen, much like the box of all their pubes in Number Two. The hair person applies it then sits him under one of those giant helmet things you would see in a 1970s Beauty...

News: Falling Sky/ Roomdiving

Basically 2 ideas, one more creative than the other..Falling sky Pretty simple and doesnt take alot of imagination. Find a way to rig thousands of set mousetraps on a ceiling or something, and release them as soon as the victim enters the room. I think it would be most effective in a warehouse or something big. RoomdivingWell, we all know how the military drops tanks and such out of airplanes, well, what if there was a way to drop a purpose built room from an airplane? (With the SLEEPING vict...

News: Super Mario Bros Live

i say u get a few jackasses together and make a skit as if you where all in mario land the old school games and have to dodge stuff like weights and porkipines or anything as well jump over water and pipes. also have all kinds of messed up stuff in the way like dog shit or nails or glass or even a bunch or hair ass fat chicks haha but all still in mario outfits and yoshi etc.. i think it would be so damn funny if u guys can pull off what in saying.

News: Bombs Away

In this prank we would have to be on top of a building with a ton of condoms. We can fill them with lotion and water, or iceing and water to simulate sperm, and then yell bombs away and drop them on innocent people walking around. for the main event we could throw some cherry or rasberry filling or iceing and really screw with people. I know if that happened to me randomly I'd either cry or freak the fuck out

News: Haunted House

When bams parents are out get a crew to go in the house and rig it all up all over the house to make it seem like its haunted. later when bams parents get back, they get back to everyone pretending to do the ouiji board or something and get april to get all worked up about spirits and everthing. then when they go to bed after everone else leaves slowly activate one at a time the hauntings, like the door opening then voices or the tv turning on to the white static and have wee-man in some kind...

News: Speedo Paintball

The purpose of this stunt is to have the Jackass guys dress up in nothing but speedos and shoot each other with paintballs in an all out paintball battle. Then, Preston Lacy comes over in a tank-like vehicle that assaults all of the guys in speedos with a barrage of paintballs.

News: 3D Tattoo

Just for the 3D movie you guys should get one of the cast members to willingly get a tattoo on their back that they personally can't see without a mirror or anything, and tattoo a 3D penis or something else like that on their back and have them go the entire movie with the tattoo on them and if they don't figure out about it they will when they see the premier!Or just tattoo the wrong thing on them.

News: pizza guy

we should someone go get a pizza dressed as osama bin ladin or some tarerest he should walk in and ask for a "large pizza with extra american i mean cheese" the pizza guy should be set up kinda like the taxi cab one.he should pull out a real pistol full of blanks and say"get the F**k out get out ill shoot" and have one of knoville walk in, the guy sould shoot knoxville and start spilling fake blood and then tell whoever got the pizza to get out there and pull down his pants then slip a fire c...

News: Human Cage

So check this out. Have Johnny Knoxville dressed up in his old man costume with a cage covered by a sheat. The joke is that Wee-Man will be in the cage but nobody will know it. When Johnny Knoxville walks into a store with a bunch of tourists, Wee-man has to start hitting the cage and then the sheet gets knocked off and wee-man finds a way to get out of the cage. As soon as he gets outhave him run all around the store. He should wear a thong to make it funnier. It would be good to go into a f...

News: Werewolf Prank Gone Bad

So... This is a prank on a prank. The first prank involves everyone getting drunk one night and drugging the "victim" (say a friend of a friend, because any jackass member would know it's a prank) to the point of unconsciousness, tearing portions of their clothes and leaving them covered in fake blood in the middle of the forest surrounded by fake dead animals (humans preferably). Thick Werewolf type hair could be stuck to the blood against their skin to imply that they were turned on that fu...

News: Where's The CRASH

This prank has to be where people walk all the time.... You start off by putting portable or wireless speakers that would play a playback of car tires skidding on the ground, in cylinder shaped trash cans right by a busy street full of cars and where a lot of spectators would walk or cross. Then step away and wait for a group of people or an individual to walk by the trash cans, then play the sound and watch everybody suddenly run or jump, expecting a car to crash somewhere....It's funny beca...

News: wrap your brains around this one.

alright so my dumb friends and I were sitting just bullshitting and came up with an idea for a gnar prank. if ya got balls though, this shit might get your ass killed. we want you guys to skydive down and land in a state correctional facilities' outdoor recreational area, and upon landing tell the people that you missed your target and then see what happens.or just make up something crazy to say like. HEY! am I in Mexico did I make it?anyway let me know what you think if ya got time. peace ou...

News: Naked Airsofting

get pistol Co2 air soft guns two for each person get thongs one person is standing by the back door and the other person is at the front door then when they say go you load your guns and run in the house and look for each other and you get point from how many times you hit them. this goes on for 3 minutes you get a total of 4 thousand airsoft bullets points:1. butt check 5 points 2. back 2 points 3. arms 1 point 4. stomach 1 point Warnings

News: Reverse Submarine

Simple concept, hillarious results.One of the members of the Jackass crew (or several) are all outfitted with scuba gear and climb into a large SUV which is modified to be completely filled with water.Then, after everyone is settled & the car is full, they drive to a 5 star resturant or hotel and wait for a valet to approach. As he/she approaches (from either the front or back of the vehicle to prevent them from getting knocked over by the water), all doors are opened & water (and maybe fish)...

News: Ice Rink Half-Pipe

Build a 10-12 foot high half-pipe in the middle of the ice rink. Everything is normal about the ramp with the exception that the flat area is not wood, it's ice. So, essentially it is two quarter-pipes facing each other to make one full half-pipe. Get a bunch of skaters and BMXers to try it out. It's a little like the gauntlet . . . perhaps have hockey players fire pucks at them while they are skating.