Jackass 3D Contest Features

News: Tug a NUDE Luge

Thsi will be a first time for Jackasss. have all the guys nude and next to eachother for the first time. (never a problem , right?) A truck (18 wheeler, maybe smaller) will have all the jackass crew , Nude and tied up with their legs to this truck with a rope. You must have the truck pull all of the naked Jackass' across A HUGE SLIP AND SLIDE, Lubed up with Nothing but K-Y Jelly. After a certian point the rope should be broken and we see whose Jackass body could, Slip and Slide the furthest. ...

News: The Golden Shiatsu!

The Golden Shiatsu! So take a couple of the guys that just did a really hard stunt and tell them they need a reward for what they did, so you take them to a Shiatsu Massage place. when they go in have some hot girl invite them in and get them all relaxed and are laying face down on the table, get the girl to put a nice warm dark colored towel over there heads to help them relax, as well so they can not see any shadows or sudden movements around them.

News: extreme beer pong

set up just like beer pong but with a jackass twist if you miss you get 30 seconds in the penalty box(portapotty which inside is covered in shit,bloody tampons and piss) while its being rolled down a hill, but if everyone is in the penaly box the contestants will have a group penalty which is they have to rub the bloody tampons on their face. if you make it in the first cup you get away free for the round, make it in the second row and you have to stick the tampons on your forehead for the en...

News: the nastiest ugliest stripper ever

Find the nastiest ugliest stripper alive or a wrost shemale ever have them come up to my my brother or my brother in law and have she/he knock on the door asking for them while there wife or gf is standing there thinking wtf is going on and I run up and denard them and get a pipe pan fill it up with mud or shit or shaveing cream then grab them and take them somewhere and make them think that we left there and let them walk for 1hr or 2 then come up to them and blast them with a bunch of paint...

News: Jackass 3d Contest

The Rum Punch.You sit there with a glass of Rum, drink it, then have one of your buddy's punch you hard in the face. Also funnier to do when you are drunk.Extreme Pub crawl.Go from one bar to the next, whilst wearing roller skates, the more drunk you get and the more uphill climbs you need to do to get to the next bar, could be very funny.More to come....Ross ThompsonP.s check out my own little jackass episode i made, called kettering dumbass. its on youtube

News: Hot Poo-Tato

Picture the game hot potato where you pass it around to each other because the thing is steaming hot. Well, in this version you get the whole crew and some kind of a rubber ball - maybe those ones that they keep in the giant cages at grocery stores - poke a hole in it and fill it with poo and pee. Seal it back up, get an M80, make a hole on opposite and stick it in there and light her up. Play the game . . . whoever is holding it when the M80s are lit and explode gets covered in crap.

News: Worst Day Ever

First thing you do is slip some sleeping pills in this guys drink. Then tie him to a big piece of wood, get a tattoo saying im a jackass on his forehead, and put a shock collar on his neck. When ready shock him till he wakes up,dip him in the pool a few times,shoot him with paintballs, and then hit him with the puke balloons.

News: The Last Tango To Hell and Back

The Jackass cast enter a hotel ballroom completely nude except they are all wearing safety goggles.Each member must pair up to second member to use as a "dance partner". Some slow romantic music starts playing over a large stereo sound system in the room. ("Slow Dancing" by Johnny Rivers, "I'm Not In Love" by 10CC, "Drive" by The Cars. etc, etc, ect.)Everybody is dancing away with their partner to the music, havin a gay ol' time, when suddenly the lights go out & the music stops.Unbeknowst to...

News: Clone a Willy

The entire Jackass crew should make clones of their junk with Clone a Willy kits, and hijinks can run wild. We can have contests where people have to feel everyone's junk, then identify their "clone". Or even try to guess the clone prior to feeling. Or we can just smack people with them. And at the end of the prank, we can auction the dildos for charity, or to pay for more beer. PS, I got 20 bucks saying Wee-Man isn't the smallest

News: Port-Able-Pot

have a port-a-pot on a fork-lift. Hide the forklift behind the port-o-pot for the time being. When someone (probably England) goes to shit, use duct tape to tape around the door locking them in the port-a-pot. Then, forklift the port-a-pot onto a truck bed and drive down the highway. At some point in time cut the tape and let him out to see what just happened.

News: The Escapee (A Must Read)

Get a white van, maybe block out the windows except for the front, have two Jackass members driving the van, stop at a stop light or a stop sign in a busy residential area where there are lots of pedestrians and cars. then have a single person in the back of the van break out the back doors on the van in a straight jacket and run throughout the neighborhood, the two people driving get out and lead a chase. Go to a busy park with lots of people and ask around if they have seen a person wearing...

News: Backwords Shoping Cart Down a Hill

Well, heres whatha do.First, you break out the good old shoping carts.Next, you find a hill, (the bigger the better!)Then you get a blindfold.Place the blindfold on your face, covering your eyes.Spin around at least 50 times.Then you try to RUN up the hill as fast as you can.Once you've made it to the top, jump into the shoping cart, (with blindfold still on) and have a friend push you down the hill backwords!Sounds Fun!

News: movie star prank

get ryan dunn or any of the other jackass crew to beleave they have a spot for another up comeing movie of urs and get em all sicked about it and take em to a fake filming sight and and this ones a good part for some famus actors u usally put in ur movies to help u out get em to where this fucked up costum and start fake filming and when his guards down bam hit with like a falling sand bag to the nuts or body and watch him fly back or u could always do some thing like some thing goes wrong an...

News: trust fall

This is simple, Yet fun to get random people reactions. Just go through a city, town, store, yelling out trust fall and falling backwards at people to see if they will catch you. Go up to peoples cars and do it while they are in idle or stopped at a stoplight.

News: Hot Monkey Love

Chris Pontius is blindfolded & handcuffed and is led to either a glory hole or to sit astraddle a chair where he is further restrained.A small young female chimpanzee or small young female orangutan is brought into the room. A second small young female chimpanzee or small young female orangutan can be optional. (No boy monkeys please, we don't want make this skit even more disturbed AND ALSO GAY!)The monkey/monkies is then trained to then perform an act of fellatio on Pontius and possibly als...

News: Parking lot beat down

Have the victim park their car in a normal parking spot. While they are in the place they parked at have another car (the prankster) drive up and swipe the back of the victim's car, leaving huge dents in both cars. Have the prankster wait, hidden, outside for the victim to come out leaving his car parked behind the victims. When the victim comes out he will see his car smashed and the pranksters car sitting behind also smashed up. The prankster will come running out of "the building" and star...

News: The popsicle race

Ive done this myself in the past with a couple of friends and it yielded interesting results. Go to the store and get some popsicles ( I'm fucking positive I'm spelling that wrong but fuck it) big meaty bastards like the old school bomb pops you then take x number of people and have them shove the popsicles up their asses the first person to fully melt the popsicle wins you can also do a long jump version where they have to shoot it out their ass and the person with the longest distance wins ...

News: exploding toilet poop

Ok look find a restroom that all the Jackass cast would would use...then replace it with a non working toilet.and the idea is that when a jackass member has to use the restroom they will sit down and poop,but inside the toilet there will be some poop hidden and that poop will explode on them and will be really gross but a great prank, and they will have poop from another jackass member.hehe sounds like great idea to me.oh yeah and it can only be one victim or maybe more who knows you guys try...

News: Airbag asshole

Take an airbag out of a car or truck and secretly stash it under a couch cushion. When an unsuspecting victim sits on the right cushion let the airbag go. The victim will be thrown a good three to four feet in the air feeling as if someone has ripped him a new asshole, hilarity ensues this prank will be a classic. Try it first watch how funny it is and let me know if you want to party.

News: Old man Balls Drive By

So for this skit you have some dressed as the old person with only short shorts on so people they think that there pranking everyone around, they can be changing a tire on the side of the road with there balls hanging out, then as hes doing that you have a car do a drive by with super soakers filled with pee and possibly barf, and someone jumps out and pies them in the face wth a cow pie, kick him in the nuts, then jack his car leaving him in the middle of no where dressed as an old man cover...

News: Empty bathroom prank

Ok, here's the deal.. you take a video camera and just record about 5 minutes of a view similar to the pic (like where you would place a surveillance camera in a room). This bathroom has to be at a location where everybody will be gathered around watching TV etc... Sooo, when someone goes to the restroom, you playback the video you recorded earlier (hiding all playback equipment, obviously), and after the person is in the bathroom, and the tape is rolling, have everyone in the room start laug...

News: Baby Wee-Man Birth

Set up one of the guys or an actual girl as a pregnant female in a restaurant and have her go into labor. She will lay down in a predetermined place over an area where Wee-Man is hiding underneath. Create a scene, have Preston pretend to be a patron/doctor in that restaurant and he begins to deliver the baby there on the spot. He throws a table cloth over her legs and out comes baby Wee-Man complete with diaper and pacifier. Covered in after-birth, Wee-Man comes out and runs around the restau...

News: Ex-Lax Challenge

To start off with, you need to have an activity to do while the challenge happens (poker, running, something....I prefer a poker game because it forces everyone to be near each other and bathrooms nearby) Everyone takes a laxative, wears an adult diaper and eats taco bell, and sits around playing poker. There are enough bathrooms for all but one person. The loser is the person that poops first, and as soon as they do everyone else can go relieve themselves. Afterwards, the loser can't change ...

News: The Fly Trap

My idea is simple. Buy a ton of fly paper rolls and stick them in someone's room, all over the walls, their things, their clothes, their bed, their TV, etc. Then simply leave the windows open and let nature take it's course.

News: Ultimate Golden Shower

In a bathroom that you know the guys will have to use, modify the pipework so that when they flush its pumped directly over there heads and sprayed right on top of them by something inconspicuous like a fire sprinkler or exhaust vent. they wont realize at first that its there own pee, at least until there drenched in it.

How To: Antique My Mom

The Motivation So, I want the Jackass guys to antique my mom. Plain and simple, she bakes terrible cakes. They're horrible. And the only solution I have dreamed up is to destroy her flour supply.

News: kangaroo boxing

This is a big salute to the freak shows and circuses of the victorian era, the era of the weird and downright wonderful;taxidermy squirrels in top hats having tea, bearded ladies and voyeurismso i propose a kangroo boxing fight tribute to the best freaks and morons of the era, get that cup out johnny you will need it.

News: Frozen Screen of Death

Stuff you need You're gonna need some Dry Ice, a geek/nerd friend or anyone in general who's a complete and utter idiot when it comes to computers, a laptop (prefferably a brand new one), several accomplices and a high-resolution screen shot of this:

News: the swearing granny

johnny knoxville or one of the other jackass's could get dressed up as old granny then walking into places like shops and swear her dead off demanding stuff and just being a jackass to everyone in the store, they won't expect that behaviour off a dear old granny so the reactions should be funny.

News: fake amber alert

get a local news station to film a fake amber alert with the subject of the prank being the one who stole the kid. hijack the persons cable and play the breaking new so they can see it and get freaked out no this might be the hard part. get the cops or even swat to show up at the house asking him release the hostage. when he gives him self up thinking he has done nothing wrong have a cop go in to the house and walk out with the child that was on the amber alert. now just arrest him and wait t...

News: The Glass Eye

I wear a prosthetic eye and a good prank could be having Steve-O Swallow it and attempt to throw it back up. It is similar to the goldfish prank only it would be horrible if he couldn't throw it back up. It would have to come out the other end.