News: Dead guy - Barbecue Resturaunt

Dead guy - Barbecue Resturaunt

Dead guy - Barbecue Resturaunt

Dead guy - Barbecue Resturaunt

Dead guy - Barbecue Resturaunt


Coroners Gurney - Body Bag- Coroners Outfit w/ name tag - one Chili house and or Barbecue Restuaraunt (preferrably in the boonies at night or day) - Coroners Van

Step 1

Go to  a sleezy little joint, chili house, steakhouse, barbecue joint, somethin like that, in full costume, coroners tags  on shirts etc.  With Blood all over shirt and hands etc....................... and an apron, with blood and guts all over self. Right in to the dining area with lots of people eating, make sure everyone sees you...

Step 2

Start yelling at the staff, or cook !!! "Hey I got another one" come help me get him out"  then start making them look involved. Hey, where you want him? !

Step 3

When they start acting stupid or say something, say "Look Dammit, I need to unload this guy before I get fired!!!!

Then say " Come on Dammit!!! Then start acting real nervous!! And say " Hey, Im not gonna get fired for this shit!!

Step 4

Then say " Fine, look , you wanted 8 of these, your taking the last one dammit whether your gonna cook this one or not!!!!!!!  

Get Mad and roll in a gurney with Body bag violently!!! and leave it in the dining room, then  say " Here you go I am leaving it here you sick bastard!!! 

Step 5

Scream I don't know why you do'nt use regular meat anyways!!!! and video tape the looks on everyones faces in secret!!!! Watch to see if  people run out!!!!!

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