News: The Hotel Room Hangover

The Hotel Room Hangover


  • This prank was thought out to be performed by people such as the Jackass crew and on another Jackass member.

Step 1 Rent a couple of hotel rooms for a weekend

You and some other friends plot who you will make a prank on.

Designate people that will bring that friend to a bar and get him drunk.

Form a reason for why you won't be joining them that evening at the bar.

Once they are gone, initiate prank.

Step 2 Remove EVERYTHING from room and bathroom except bed and lights

Scatter 500 stretched condoms if possible throughout the room.

Add several dildos and blow-up dolls around the room for decoration.

Throw in other objects similar to the ones mentioned earlier.

Leave a noticable black rubber gimp suit out to be found.

Step 3 Once room is complete, confirm that person is unconcious from partying

Bring them into their room. Strip them of all clothing. As much as you would prefer.

Step 4 Fuzzy handcuff their hands together

Leave them to wake up... Videotape prank

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Add a bunch of male strippers, sleeping with him and its gold.

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