News: Pee-Pee Chug

Pee-Pee Chug

Pee-Pee Chug

Step 1 You will need:

  1. 5 friends
  2. a large wall to hide behind
  3. 6 empty clear bottles
  4. a large carton of apple juice (warm)
  5. somewhere to hide said carton.

Step 2 Starting the prank

Get all your friends over, making sure you've chosen one to be the victim, and informed the other 4 on the plan for this prank is. When they've all arrived, explain that for a bit of fun, you're going to see who has the biggest balls, by having everyone drink their own wee. (If your friends aren't the crazy type, you might want to offer a "prize", or get them very drunk.) The rules for this challenge are to take your bottle behind the wall, do your business, then come back round to prove you have done it, then chug in front of everyone. Simple, or is it?

Step 3 The fun part

Go round to the wall, where you will have hidden your carton of warmed apple juice. Take it out and begin to pour into the bottle, dribble some on the floor to create a tinkly sound for added realism if you wish! Once done come back round, and begin to drink, remembering to look disgusted with yourself, which you should for what you're going to do to your poor buddy. Gagging is a nice addition too. Now send around your other 4 friends, who hopefully you've also told where the juice is hidden. Eventually, it'll be buddy number 5's turn, who will go behind the wall, take a whizz, come back, and knock back on his own goodness.

Step 4 Profit!

Hey presto! Urine trouble! Wait til he's downed it all, then tell him what you've done, maybe to be really creative you should present this "gift" in a box, which has a note inside telling him what has happened, just to be a truly awful friend. Congratulations, you've just done one of the most horrible things  you could possibly do to a friend!

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