News: scared sh**less

scared sh**less

scared sh**less

my prank is take some browine mix with some laxatives bake them and give them to your friends, while their eating away go and rig the bathroom door so that way only the person outside the door can lock the person in. then when someone has to crap follow behinde them till they get in the crapper aka bathroom and wait till you hear them going after about 30 seconds have someone grap the snakes and spiders and throw them in the bathroom and turn off the light then quickley lock the door and hear them freak out and if they try to punch through the door lean something bulky along the door so that whey they can't get out till you let them out. thats my prank, i would probally grab a lot of trantulas and grab one or two medium to large size pythons or grab whatever as along as its not poisonous you also might what to hide them till it's time

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ironic how the my idea and your idea were posted at the same time, being the same thing lol except you added snakes

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