News: very hard to do prank

very hard to do prank

very hard to do prank

This is prank is a 'bit' complicated to do but if you manage to do it, it will be the best prank ever made for good. I think the best man for this prank should be Bam as his chances not to die during the fall down are the best :

- Go to some scene shooting somewhere in the wood. Shoot some pranks or whatever during the day and make Bam believe it is the best for the crew to stay and sleep in a little house in the wood, not to go to hotel, as you should shoot some scenes very early in the morning.

- Before everything, transfer a small prefabricated cabin, log house, to the scene.

- Provide 2 or more building cranes that will lift up the house when needed. You can also try with some other machines that would safely and with almost no sounds or big shaking bring the house 13 meters up in the air. (if u think its safe you can raise the hight even more !)

picture one

very hard to do prank

- It has to be very VERY dark. 

- Secure the place with cameras from all angles especially the one from the top of the porch that will shoot the whole thing from the top angle.

- If he asks what are these cranes about just say they are building some shit there. 

- Let them all fall asleep (Bam and 3-4 more jackasses that will know about the prank)

- It's still completely dark, you cant see shit. (it shouldnt be the night with full moon)

- Bring the house up slowly and try not to make any noise or bigger shaking

picture two

very hard to do prank

- Now bring a big fire dpt sponge under the house (at least 10x10 meters, 3 meters high)

picture three

very hard to do prank

- Now after they are sleeping for at least 2 hours, call Bam and tell him there is a fire in the other house and that they need to come and help them deal with the fire. The power is out because of the fire so its very dark.

- All the others should let Bam go out 1st of course. 

- Now if you're lucky enough he should open the door and try step out ... fortunately he will fall down !

picture four

very hard to do prank

- As he is falling down (that should take no more than 1 second) its still completely dark so he has no idea what the fuck is going down and why is he falling. Also, as he is falling down get 10 ppl to shoot at him with loud guns that will fire plastic balls or just paint (guns with, of course, night vision). 

picture five

very hard to do prank

- As he hits the sponge turn the lights up ! Big big lights, giga watt reflectors that will blind him and extremely loud music or noise would be good too so he maybe thinks he is in hell :)

- Now hit him with liquid tar and feathers .

picture six

very hard to do prank

That should be it. If he is still alive, he will be confused, scared, mad and what not :)

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