News: Jackass 3D Prank Contest

Jackass 3D Prank Contest

Welcome to the Official Jackass 3D Prank Contest Submission Page

Think you've got the wit and imagination to be a Jackass? Well, here's your chance. Johnny Knoxville and Jackass 3D crew are hosting the first ever Jackass 3D Prank Contest to celebrate the upcoming release of their new film, in theatres October 15th!

HowTo Win the Jackass 3D Contest

Submit the wildest prank idea you can dream of and if you win, we will fly you out to shoot the prank with the cast of Jackass 3D!

Step 1 Be Original

We welcome all sorts of prank submissions, but we reward creativity. Be imaginative and bold. We are eager to read your entries, so make them excellent.

Step 2 Written submissions only: No Video

We don't want anyone getting hurt.  Write out the prank or illustrate it...but don't send video.  Official contest rules apply. The contest is open to U.S. residents only. Must be at least 18 years of age.  All submissions must be received by 11:59 pm PST, September 26th, 2010. No purchase necessary.  All entries must be original and suitable for broadcast on network television.  For full rules, please click here.

Step 3 Submit before 9/26/10

Once all submissions are received, we will pick our favorite, most inspired prank. Winner flies to Hollywood to meet Jackass crew. 

Step 4 What are you waiting for? Click below to submit your darn prank!

Jackass 3D Prank Contest

Step 5 View submissions on Corkboard

Click on the Corkboard tab above to view your entries.  It may take up to 24 hours for us to screen your entry for contest rules.  (And if you and your buddies want to leave comments, we encourage it.)

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I've been dreaming since I was 10 to even pass by anyone working with Jackass. Even to see Kosick in person would be amazing.

i know how you feel man, iv talked to him on jackass world and i thought that was the #$%@

If only camcorders were affordable 20 years ago when I was doing this type of stuff just for fun- damn it why didn't I think about pitching my retarded life to MTV!?

Even an e-mail or two from Jackass would be cool. I actually tear up just to think how cool it would be to be a part of Jackass.

it would be even cooler if they had done an idea that you sent them!!!

i hate not being 18 :'( it sucks hey does bam have facebook ?

Damn 18 or older i would love to be on there show lol.

why do we need to be at least 18? why not 16? i would LOVE to meet at least one guy from Jackass, let alone all of them. I can't wait until it's in theaters. i might watch the midnight showing

Sorry. And I asked the same question. Legally speaking, there are pretty strict guidelines about minors, contests, and movies that happen to be R rating.

dang it,I have a few good ones but I'm 15 :( I still want to meet the Jackass guys

Why i am only 13? xDDD
I would love to meet them xD anyway i still doing pranks with my family and friends loool

You guys suck! Unbelievable it's one thing we have to wait longer for the movie to come out and now I can't enter the competition because I'm Dutch???! That's like bleeping discrimination... Your loss anyway now your gonna miss my devine and hilarious idea for a prank so #$%@ing great you'll be needing a clean set of under wear to watch it! Too bad.

I enjoy the spelling mistake in the full rules...

well im not from USA im from monterrey mexico but i will send my prank to you so you at least can read it jajaja hope you guys like it...... un saludos to all of you all the jackass crew and the guys

Fingers crossed guys what a freaking awesome prize this is.

damn this sux me and my friend have been making videos for a jackass video since we were 10 we even have the skits for every single one still too but were only 15

i cant do this all the pranks i can think of would not fit in with the sponcer's terms of use

#$%@ it is my dream to de on jackass ..............

im so glad its 18+ sooo im freakin out about what i should think of.


now is it a prank like that they will surprise someone else with, or is it a stunt?

It's kinda hard to think a unique prank. Yayyyyyyyyyyy! But we still have enough time to make this. Goodluck everyone :)

This is the best idea ever :) I still keep on watching Jackass, Wildboyz & Viva La Bam on MTV 2 all over again, and I'm not even getting tired and will never get tired of it. I would love to spend my whole time with them just for a day, and I would also like to have the opportunity to thank them personally for giving me an inspiration not to get rid of this life, like seriously. Just to think of their pranks/stunts would really make my day. :)

Jackass Crew = HEROES!
Cheers from Pennsylvania :)

AAAAAAAAAAAAH ? I hope Jackass 3d come to Brazil!

im 17 and just turned 17 about if i draw out the ideasend it and u guys can shout me out =]

Dam so you gotta live in the u.s well that sucks! well it looks like i will have to meet you guys if i ever catch you on my holidays.

Im eligible! thank God!!! Can't wait for the movie

It would be really cool for you guys to have a crazy Indian brown guy with a Muslim name on the show.... Imagine the possibilities

man i have always wanted to meet all you guys from jackass!!!

the filipino in the philippines can join the jackass 3d contest?

me siento muy identificado con ustedes los felicito! son geniales, me divierto mucho con sus locuras, ¡bravo! JACKASS

That sucks, i was all happy then i got too step 2 -__- im 14 and i watched like every single episode of jackass and my parents dont even care..

i wish meet steve-0

Jackass 3d looking forward to here in Brazil. *-*

DAMN ! I can't enter the contest because I am canadian ! That sucks ! It's my dream too meet the jackass crew !!! Well, too bad I guess.... any chance that you guys come over here in Quebec on day ?


this one is pure genius. Its called The Bad Bartender where one at a time the Jackass guys pull a piece of paper from a hat and the pieces of paper say vile drinks like eel worm vodka and the bartender mixes it up in front of them and they have to drink it without vomiting if they vomit they get a punishment like getting shot with paintballs or whipped after a certain number of drinks the winner has to take a mystery shot of worms squid brains and cow testicles the winner gets a kick in the testicles

I look forward to seeing the 3-D movie when it comes out. I guess I'm more on the gross spectrum then the painful or any other spectrum. And I wouldn't blame you for rejecting it! Lotsa Love ;)

#$%@ Yeah ! I turn 18 tomorrow and i've got some crazy ideas.

Know what sucks You have to be 18 screw it im gonna call myself 18 and ill say i have a short issue hahha it would work easily!

cant enter cause im 14???? #$%@ this man i sent in 2 things and theyre not gonna be used man what the #$%@? #$%@ the rules and #$%@ jackass for letting the rule ruin it for younger fans. godammit! im still gonna watch the movie. #$%@ im pissed!

heheehehehe im only 12 cant join and im not from america so............



i love go holly wood ca. i love to pics holly wood

i was so excited about this up until i read the open to US residents only bit... boooo.. what about us aussies?

get out a glass of water, dip a bloody tampon into it and hand it off to someone claiming its cool aid


This is a great prank - Do a premiere of a handyman show (with studio audience) with a one armed man as the host with a very real and authentic looking fake arm right down to the phony blood. He then accidentally cuts it off in a band saw. He wraps his injury in a dirty shirt and keeps on working. Or invited the audience for BBQ with his mutilated "arm" as part of the meal. This can also work in the general public with tool demonstrations.

Have some guys playing football around a running tree shredder (fake one of course) and then a pass is thrown with one of the players diving into it.

Have a diver complaining of the bends be placed into a re-compression chamber and it malfunctions. The guys head / body explodes.

During a fake surgery, something goes terribly wrong and the guys heart slips out of the surgions hands onto the floor and they put it back without cleaning first.

During surgery a mutation pops out.

While giving birth, a "robotic" mutation is born.

you know how everyone want to be apart of jackass? i you laddys need to have a country wide competition startin in missouri or wherever and people have to go through challenges non dangerous stunts eat crazy sht compete in challenges and go through elimination then we can see just how bad we really wanna be apart of jackass big shout outs to knocksville, bam, stevo

Agreed I already said that they should do a reality show called
Jackass: Training the Troops
Where everyone lives in a house and has to compete in challages that the Jackass crew comes up with and the last one that survives after 6 weeks gets to be in the show I think it would be funny as #$%@ cause you know they would make them do all the ideas that they have come up with over the years that are "to crazy" to do

they should light a car on fire and launch it with a giant slingshot into a lake

im the original jackass and tom green been on public access tv n columbus for yrs i started in 93 ive been doing this 17 yrs i should b famous i went to the net 2006 with my squirtman dot com site come laugh at a superhero laugh at my skatepark video u will love it

OH,you jackass,you guys are interesting kind i wish you will take me there.

Jackass crew, if you read this... i would absolutely love to meet all of you!! its been my dream ever since the show came out.
lol, i would do any jackass stunts to get on the show, xD even snort wasabe (spell fail)

Have a few of the guys--preferably Bam and Erin--dress as mobsters: fedoras, wingtips, etc. Have them holding another show member that's dressed as a wiseguy--wearing a white tanktop, slicked-back black hair, etc over a pier, and have them shouting in his face, "Where's the money, Gino?" Have "Gino's" mouth Duct-taped. Have the thugs remove it briefly to get an answer, but have"Gino" spit in their faces. They throw "Gino" off the pier and into the "shark-infested" water. There'd have to be people on the pier to get reactions, of course. And maybe somebody/multiple people swimming underneath with snorkels one of this fake back-strap shark fins. It would be fun seeing people's reactions--and Bam and Erin as mobsters.

make a box as big as your door and fill it up with fog with a fog machine, wait till it fills up ,, put a red strob light in the back so it looks like it is kinda flamey,, when you mom comes hom click the smoke alarm on and run out to her and say there is a fire,, when she opens the door the fog will come out and she will run away and call the police but dont let her,, then tell her it was a joke,, lol and then she will ground you for a month,,

That is #$%@ed up could it be 16 and up #$%@ 18 and up


ya ive been a jackass fan since yall have been doing it i own all the movies it would mean a lot to win the contest so i can meet yall and help film the skit i made please pick mine it would mean alot

Have some one off the Jackass Crew go on a Blind Date, you tell him the was born in 1985 and in Smokin Hot. He goes to her house and she is 85 and Smoke Alot. He tries to leave but you have the woman pull a gun on him. She makes him go inside, blindfolds him, says that, she will kill him if he doesnt satisfy her. You have a fake penis in the middle of the room, and he starts to play with it, and you say, Hello My Name Is Jonny Knoxville, Welcome To Jackass.

get a snake cage, go to bams place, have a couple guys go upstairs with it, after a few minutes run downstairs and yell "#$%@ the snake got out of the cage and is lost in bam's room" dont tell him there reallly never was a snake, obviously u wont be able to find it, lock him in the room an dont let himm get out, and start throwingg fake snakes or something through a window make him cry again like in Jackass 2 funniest prank so far!!!! you guys have more balls then anyone i know, i hope u guys still do ahaha

Hope you like my idea, i've been watch Jackass since yall started making it. You guys are Awesome, Hope you like it.

and oh i forgot!, ......PICK ME PICK ME! (o O) ....pweeze?...... :p

you shuld have stevo rub a chilly pepper in his ass till he crys

"Black Metal Landscaping." I've always thought of a skit called, "Black Metal Landscaping." The participants dress up as Black Metal guys (a la the guys from Dark Funeral, Darkthrone, etc) and mow lawns, trim hedges, plant flowers, etc out in the open for all to see. I don't know, seems funny to me XD

i love jackass. i've seen all of the episodes and they are awesome. everything about jackass is awesome. i hope you guys use the song thats in the TV show because that song represents jackass.

ha to have an exploding toilet have bam or rabb sitting on it either inside a hotel or make it out of a porta potty have a stick of dynomyte or a powerfull water cannon and it explodes while their on it or in it

A body falls out of a hearse on way to funeral. A fake UFO crashes in a park and occupants step out, several rats run out of the kitchen in an upscale restaurant, heavy equipment starts to go out of control during a grand opening, an aircraft (remote control) crashes in a ball of flames and then you see the passengers emerge with angel wings and one devil suit, a runaway train crashes during a fake transportation safety seminar, a body rises from a yard during a property showing, a car loses all 4 wheels during a test drive.

I would love playing a few good scare tactic pranks on a few past co-workers (all in good fun though).

somethings gotta be done about the spammers kids messin it up for everyone

EVERYBODY CHECK OUT MY IDEA(S) their a must read.

u bastards might as well give up...i have some creative ideas hahahahaha (devil voice)


iam dream to work by sinds is see jackass for the first time
and that was when i was 9 years old.

you have said that like 30 million times on everything...

I have the winner here so you all can give up now!!! So we send Wee Man in to a public bathroom with a glory hole, film the whole thing , tell him there is this hot azz bitch on the other side and he gets the job done when he comes out we dont make a big deal out of it but the footage makes it into the movie as a deleted scene or part of the preview!! Bet you dont have the balls to do this but you can send me the tickets anyway

Christian Baughman from dbap 15 year olds can't play so don't screw it up for the adults

awesome you guys are the best and keep doing what you do only don't take that long for the next movie

Yer all a bunch of #$%@ing retards.

I didn't say #$%@ing I said fukking...

When will we find out who won?

i live in england so theres a small chance of me seeing a jackass which'd be awesome and im 13 so im never go be part of the show and i would love to be part of it.... even getting an email from them would be awsome

he makes jackass funny he is the craziest man alive and i got respect for knoxville

try this an ultimate wedgie get knoxville to hook a cable for a crane to his underwear and lift him up by them until they rip i don't know i wish i could be on jackass at least i know i could keep up with knoxville

You should Bam and Weeman do a foot plant off of Ryans junk lmfao

the best prank would proble get a pillow case and fill it with bars of soap and beat the shizz out of someone

Give your friends a piggy back ride when he jumps on you , u just lay down so he falls on the ground OR when hes on your friend and u ask to do a triple piggy back ride try going last so u can just push both of their ass and make them fall............. or just make one of your friend come over your houseand prank him using alot of cream on a pie and give him a nut shot with it ..... 8D

So when is anyone going to find out who the #$%@ won is contest??? Because I still dont know!!!


But why US citizens only??

I am a number 1 fan. I have watch every episode in jackass. and i think you guys are Amazing

one day you guys should have partyboy go to a public pool and have nothing on but white shorts once partyboy gets out of the pool he will then start dancing in front of random people.

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